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Twenty-seven Three Seventy-seven Forty-eight Katharina Ecke
You are invited
to have a look
at my paintings
and to get more information
about my artwork.

Fernando Botero
Beryl Cook
Hardy Ecke
I am pleased that you have reached my website
and hope that you will enjoy
artist gallery stories storyteller
navigating my art presentation.
I promise that you will not reach a dead end
on your tour through my internet studio.
oil on canvas

Logger in lace

This website is a presentation of art.
Due to its high quality it requires some more loading time.
contemporary art
Online since December 2001 and had been updated and complemented in October 2018.
Knut Ecke aka Superman

Thanks to all art friends and collectors
who have visited this site often,
asked me to paint more
and keep the website up to date.

Your wish is my command!
art brut, painting
Cherokee native american young man