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Hardy Ecke

Studio in Asheville

Studio in Unterriexingen

Studio in Bietigheim

The new studio is on the West Coast.
After a long time without a studio, I finally have a roof over my easel again.
In the Wild West it is still almost as wild as it was, or maybe it is just America in general.
Even though, or just because, I would like to say, it is still the land of opportunities. It might have lost the unlimitedness, but for someone who knows how to get ahead it still has plenty of opportunities.
It is not yet stuck in bureaucracy and it is not so cramped.

The studio was located in the Blue Ridge Mountains
nestled in nature.
It was smaller still, but had a heavenly high ceiling and a light that artists dream of.

The second studio
was in the waterworks Unterriexingen.
This was warm and dry but far smaller.
It was in a safe building with a security system.
Still, a high ceiling allowed work on large paintings.

My first studio was in Bietigheim.
It was on the first floor of an old woodworking shop
and it remained unchallenged in size.
However, it was oppressively hot in summer and had a frozen toilet bowl in winter.

Nicht die Person, sondern die Arbeiten des Künstlers sollten im Vordergrund stehen. Insbesondere dann, wenn die Arbeiten des Künstlers so viel Biographisches offenbaren, wie bei denen von Hardy Ecke.

Studio in Coos Bay

working in nature

Knut, Hardy and Oliver Ecke