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Brigitte Bardot

Sometimes Fairy Tales Become True, The Princess and the Frog
Sometimes Fairy Tales Become True
31,5" x 23,6"
n old note in my sketchbook was the basic idea for a painting title The Profitable Smile, to which I was inspired by the big smile of Claudia Schiffer on the front of a fashion catalog.
And there was another old idea still unrealized on canvas. I wanted to combine heads and bodies that do not belong together.
While drawing, I was carried away a little bit, because I was using a picture of Brigitte Bardot as well as the picture of Claudia Schiffer. There was no room for the profitable smile anymore. My pencil wanted to follow the soft round shape of feminine beauty.
So it also became a homage to the admired artist Fernando Botero, whose still life with oranges is to be seen in the background.
It's now up to your fantasy which fairy tales might become true.

Oranges 1989 from Fernando Botero

The profitable smile

Claudia Schiffer