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The Fab Four, John Paul, George and Ringo
42" x 60"
Hardy Ecke
ne of my principles has been thrown overboard in this painting. "Do not make fun of people's names!"
Now I hope to be forgiven doing a pun using names. Furthermore, I must apologize to John Lennon posthumously and also to Paul McCartney because they are not depicted. In any case I am not concerned that this will decrease their fame. The idea to play with the names can only be created in English where "Johannes" becomes "John".
What i question here is whether the order of the names when the Beatles were announced is the same worldwide, or could it be
"The Fab Four, - Ringo, John, George and Paul" when stated somewhere else?
With this painting i could bring an old sketch to fruition in a new painting thus killing two birds with one stone. Here the Pope represents the bloody history of the church. I forge from the latin word peace – PAX, the German word AXT (ax) which is a good tool for cleaving the skull of a non believer.
I was asked if Cardinals are found in Europe. "Sure," I said, "the Polish Cardinal became pope and now a Bavarian Cardinal follows in the position." What was meant by the question is the firey red bird native to North America.
I also wanted to play with the word Jünger (follower). Because I have lived in America since 2005 and have come to know a beer named Yuengling, that claims it is brewed in the oldest american brewery, I adapted this way to write the word Jünger to Yuenger. Obviously this beer has German heritage.
The Pope's greeting gesture contains a message. Here I place his thumb in his palm so that John Paul refers to four people, though only three are shown. Even Ringo seems to enjoy expressing himself with fingersigns. Regardless of his intent, I interpret his sign as: "You see only two Beatles in this painting!" Furthermore, i view this as a statement that only two Beatles remain alive. Painting George affected me deeply, and particularly so while listening to his greatest hits in the studio.
Paul is mentioned here though in a hidden manner. By this I intent the inventor of the Gibson electric guitar, Les Paul. I have build a bridge to my favorite band, T.Rex, in which Marc Bolan croons about his Les Paul guitar. There is, in actuality, no Les Paul ukulele.
For the background I was inspired by my recent travels to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The landscape of stones tells the tale that glaciers withdrew only yesterday.