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Maori Tattoo

Columbia space shuttle

Arlington Cemetary Challenger Columbia

Arlington Cemetary

Thus the Past Seems to Me ... - Columbia space shuttle, Maori, Rachel Field
Thus the Past Seems to Me ...
23,6" x 31,5"
key part of my imagination is built on literature and music. Without these, only half of my paintings would have been created.

Though i've not completed the book, the first pages of Rachel Fields Time Out of Mind implanted a painting's image in my mind.
Thus the past seems to me a hollow shell from the neverending sea of time that everyone may hold at his ear to overshadow the noise of the present."

My wish was to immortalize this sentence in a painting so that it would never be forgotten. Images may be an anchor to recall past stories or events. I refer here to The Raft of Medusa by Théodore Géricault.

I gave wings to the ancient turtles making them the time traveling ambassadors. There are symbols for the remote and primitive land: the bloom from the Brazilian rainforest, the tattoo of the maori and the pepper.

Addendum 2003:
With the Challenger disaster of 1986 seven astronauts lost their lives.
I never thought that this would occur again when I used the Columbia take off as my example of:
"The noise of the present".
On February the 1st, 2003 the Columbia was blown apart. Again, seven astronauts were pulled into death. The explosion of the space shuttle forms a connection to my painting of five years earlier.
In 2005 I visited the memorial at Arlington cemetery, Washington DC.

Columbia space shuttle
Columbia ready to launch

Rachel Field 1894 - 1942

Rachel Field

The Raft of Medusa
by Théodore Géricault