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The Emperor's New Clothes

The naked emperor

The Emperor's New Clothes - Vincent van Gogh
The Emperor's New Clothes
19,7" x 27,6"
n a number of art show openings, I have observed that some viewers apologize; saying they have no understanding of art.
Till Eulenspiegel, a famous medival German figure, introduced a white, imageless canvas to the members of the city council trying to convince them that this is a valuable artwork.
This is as told in the Dane Hans Christian Andersen's
Fairytale The Emperor's New Clothes.
My advice to artviewers is most meaningfully stated through metaphor:
You would not allow a furniture salesman to sell you an orange crate, calling it a designer chair - would you?"
This is why Vincent as an adept painter, looks away from the inept scribbles.

I celebrated placing the red dot in the framed painting within this painting. This placement was random and meaningless for me. Should we doubt if it was pure genius or nothing more than a happening?

I nailed the picture of the naked emperor to the
so-called painting to demonstrate it's worthlessness.

Till Eulenspiegel

Vincent van Gogh

Another Ecke Vincent