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Guenter Grass
Flounder with knife 1977
© by Günter Grass

Awa, Mother Earth, Gaia, The Flounder, Guenter Grass, Iron Butterfly, Mirage on the Wall
Awa, the Three-Breasted Cook
and Priest at the Same Time ...
27,6" x 23,6"
he flounder can talk, seems to be very old, all knowing and immortal.
He advises the fisherman Edek since the late Neolithic and lead mankind out of the stone age.
In the beginning of time, it was Awa who stole the fire from the Sky Wolf to make herself powerful. The men were all devoted to her.
The genial flounder proposes to guide Edek in throwing off the shackles of the matriarchy that has prevailed for millennia. Edek no longer lives contentedly under the thumb of the tribes leader Awa and loses the faith in her.
Awa's matriarchy finally came to its end.

Like Prometheus you must take possession of fire. Not only be a fisherman my son, be a blacksmith!" cried the flounder.

How had Edek, who had never before conceived a useful idea, come by this sudden knowledge?
It was up to her, the supreme Awa, and nobody else, to decide what uses fire could be used for.
She strictly forbade Edek, to use her gift of fire to smelt iron and forge tools and the first kitchen knife.

I spun the story about the knife a little bit further and tried to imagine that the metal forging and weapon making could have led to build a fighter jet.
That's why I'm referring to the song "My Mirage" from the Rockband Iron Butterfly and used part of an album cover as background.
In my fantasy I always associate a French fighter jet, which is a "Mirage" instead of a Fata Morgana.

Cover of Iron Butterfly′s June 1968 Atco album which included the famous "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" track and "My Mirage".

Guenter Grass
a Noble Prize-winning
German author