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Roland Bentz

Roland Bentz, Hardy Ecke and Tatanka

Sandra Ecke and Ursula Ecke

Sandra Ecke and Ursula Ecke
in August 2018
visiting Roland Bentz

Portrait of Roland Bentz
Portrait of Roland Bentz
36,2" x 28,3"
rtists are definitly not as peaceful as they pretend to be. Even though there is a saying:
A crow will not pick out another crow′s eye!"
Which is a saying directly translated
from German to English.
The propper English saying would be ∼
There′s honor among thieves!"

Spoken unofficially, this axiom does not seem to apply to artists. In group exhibitions they fought for a better exhibition site. With uncertainty they took down the works next to an unliked colleague.
They are envious about art buyers. According to my opinion this is absurd, because an art buyer doesn't come to an art show with the idea to spend some money no matter what.
Art buyers need to fall in love with a certain piece of art.
Or they follow the advice of their gallerist, but this is a different topic.

Fortunately Roland Bentz is not driven by envy. He is an artist as well as a collector of art.
One day he visited a group exhibition of our art society and ordered a portrait.
Since then we slowly developed friendship and thought about having a bigger studio together. But paradoxically our studios are now as far apart as it gets.
His is in Bhutan in the Himalayan Mountains and mine is in Oregon on the Pacific Coast.
But new technology makes it easy to stay in contact with email and internet and he already visited me in America.

Käfer Bentz

Roland Bentz and Hardy Ecke

Hardy visiting Roland Bentz in August 2018 in Bietigheim

Roland Bentz

Roland Bentz

Roland Bentz, Prayerflags, Bhutan