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Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, Riceville valley, North Carolina

Oliver Ecke

Jacqueline and Katharina Ecke

How do Squirrels Sleep - Asheville, Riceville valley, Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
How do Squirrels Sleep
34" x 27"
ubtitle: "When I look into my father's eyes."
This is the first work that i painted while living in the United States. The idea for the piece was conceived on a visit to Montreal.
I began the drawing upon my return to Germany. I reformatted the painting because the Keilrahmen (stretcher strips) available in the United States are measured in inches instead of centimeters.
The inspiration of my new surroundings in Asheville North Carolina completed the concept by providing the rural, mountainous background that the squirrel sleeps over.

Those who have children would know what i am talking about, sometimes you get the feeling that you're loosing touch as they are growing up.
That rapidly happens at different ages. Maybe some day my son will look me in the eyes through this painting and he will know ...

Oliver Ecke
Oliver Ecke 1994
Addendum 2014:
During his collegiate years our relationship fell back into place. Today he is a selfemployed graphic designer and I am proud of him.
Of course I do miss my family, but at least modern technology allows us to have illustrated email contact.
I would dearly love to hold my beautiful, two year old granddaughter in my arms one day.

Addendum 2018:
In September 2016 I finally met my granddaughter Katharina and could carry her on my shoulders.

Hardy Ecke at the Montreal airport

Oliver and Jacqueline Ecke

Katharina and Hardy Ecke in Oregon