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Benoîte Groult

Up to the Bitter End, Leo Tolstoi - The Kreutzer Sonata, Benoîte Groult - Salt on Our Skin, Desire
Up to the Bitter End
15,8" x 19,7"
lived and breathed literature.
Leo Tolstoi - The Kreutzer Sonata named after Beethoven′s Kreutzer Sonata,
und Benoîte Groult - Salt on our Skin: I experienced all this myself, lived and savored to the bitter end, walked on a thorny road (represented by the cut, dried out thorn branch) and finally figured out that the mug is empty at the end and the candle of life has burned down a little more.
I should have put the book,
The Adventure of My Youth (Book of Passion) by Gerhart Hauptmann (known for The Weavers) on this stack of books also.

Empty tin mug, rosewood twig
An empty mug and a branch with thorns from roses

Leo Tolstoi

Gerhart Hauptmann