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Painting Full of Mice
Painting Full of Mice
27,6" x 19,7"
ased on one of many nick names for money in the German language, including mice, it simply means „ Painting full of money“.
Who wouldn’t love to have a "
load of money".
Who hasn’t thought about spending lottery millions, hypothetically?
If I could only win one million dollars, then ..."
In the background, on the sheet of paper, I am referring to the lyrics from the song Déjà Vu by the German rock band Spliff.
Write your life down on a piece of paper and wait till time goes by ..."
Another line says: "
The red Hugo is hanging dead on a rope, a bird flys by and dies ..."
I took the screwy lyrics and mixed them all up and created a new pictogram, which is now the red bird looking melancholy out the window yearning for the past, for freedom, the blue sky, or whatever the viewer would like to think of.

50 Deutsch Mark

The old 50 D-Mark Banknote showing Balthasar Neumann