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Bernadette in Lourdes 1866

Unsere heilige Frau von Lourdes!

Life Classified
Life Classified
18,5" x 22,4"
t is a paradox, because human life will never be in order, neither classified.
Especially not in such a small type case. Only a very few sections of life are shown in contradiction.
The greed for a luxurious life, wanting to believe in wonders, weapons as a solver of problems and the paradox of the holy harlot.
The head of the naked doll is missing, as a sign for the interchangeability. I used the heart again, as I did in the painting
The Human Heart which referred to the book
Bernadette - Our Lady of Lourdes" and is describing one of the basic instincts of humans – to believe.

Dostoyevsky was also mentioning in his book
Brothers Karamazov that the Russian sole is made to believe in wonders.

Anyway – we will always try to put our life in order, categorize it and suppress and control our instincts, trying to live a civilized life.

That might be succussfull for some of us, more or less.

Homo neanderthalensis